Why You Should not Ignore Error 509?

Error 509 is a very widespread issue on the web-space. It implies your website has lots of traffic. Much more than the host allows. If you are just a visitor, you should simply try later. However, if this happens on your site, it’s better to fix the issue fast. Let’s get to know more about Error 509 as well as several ways to get rid of it.

What is Error 509?

This kind of error is also called Bandwidth Limit Exceeded. It depends on how much space you’ve bought from your web hosting company.

Major methods to resolve the issue

  • Caching can be your best solution. When the data exchange happens between your web server and the user’s device, bandwidth is used. Caching, on the other hand, makes a user’s device save a copy of the site during the initial visit. Later, the site will be uploaded from the browser.
  • A site owner might also upgrade the hosting plan. The providers offer different plans based on the site’s budget. In case you often get error 509, you should realize that you get more traffic. Buy a bigger hosting plan to take advantage of that and increase your profit from all those visitors.
  • Reducing the files and images might help, too. Since pictures occupy lots of disk space, minimizing their size can be very helpful. It is certain to boost your site’s loading time and optimize the servers’ disk space usage.

All in all, there are three main ways to get rid of Error 509 if you are a site owner. However, what if this error occurs on your PC. Let’s find out more about this kind of problem.

What is Error 509 on PC?

If you see Error 509 instead, it states Smaart doesn’t have read or write access to the license file directory.

Why does Error 509 occur on PC?

There are two main reasons why such an error happens.

  • Certain user account permissions.

In this case, a user might have special permissions or can belong to a larger Windows domain. These permissions may prevent Smaart from reaching the needed license file directory. You must make sure your operating system user account gets full access to the directory. Check the settings and adjust if needed.

  • Antivirus.

This is another widespread reason. Aggressive antivirus software blocks Smaart. Consequently, it can’t access system directories. Verify your user account permissions. In case Error 509 keeps appearing, try to disable antivirus for a while. This will prove or disprove the antivirus’s role in this situation. If the Smaart opens, you’ll have to add an exception in the antivirus settings.


No matter why Error 509 appears, you should never ignore it. Find the source of the problem and come up with a suitable solution. In case you are a site owner, you might simply need to optimize your website or upgrade the web hosting plan. The computers’ users also have some convenient ways of resolving the issue and removing Error 509.