Total AV Free Edition

Is Total AV Really Free?

The popularity of Total AV is growing by the day. Looks like all the controversies worked out fine for the company. However, many users still can’t decide whether to trust the software. Is Total AV really free? It’s a widespread question we are going to discuss today.

The short answer

According to the developers, Total AV delivers high-quality protection from malware and other threats. It also offers a free edition that is very limited in features. This software uses the same anti-malware engine but lacks advanced tools like a VPN or webcam protection.

The general specifications

The installation of the free edition resembles the installation process of any other Total AV bundle. A user may put it on any Windows or Mac OS device or add a dedicated app for smartphones that run on iOS and Android. A simple installation process might be time-consuming at times, so account for that beforehand. As long as you follow the directions and instructions, you’ll finish in no time. Inexperienced users may opt for standard settings, while advanced ones could alter them when needed. After the installation, a user sees a simple, straightforward interface. The design seems convenient enough to navigate. One can intuitively use the modules to discover available features like scanning modes, system boost, and disk cleaner. In case any module requires the user’s action, the color of the window will change from green to yellow or red. Using the interface, everyone can use shortcuts to access certain popular features faster. Yet, since the free edition is limited, there aren’t many options for them.

Main features to use with free Total AV

The antivirus without a license is quite basic. It comes with malware protection features based on the SAVAPI engine and optimization tools. The latter includes a Disk Cleanup and System Boost. One can pick a preferred scanning mode and search for malware anytime. In case you wish to access more possibilities, pick a plan, and upgrade. Then you’ll get such features as a VPN, Ad-Block Pro, a password manager, identity protection tools, etc. Regardless of the option you use, core protection is secured by the same anti-malware engine. The SAVAPI engine detects and blocks threats like Trojans, ransomware, spyware, and other malware. Both free and premium versions allow whitelisting certain files, programs, sites in the settings. Yet, it’s recommended to do only if a user is 100% confident in the computer’s security using that source. Using a live chat or a phone, a user can contact the support team 24/7 and resolve any occurring issue or problem.

Does Total AV offer enough value for the money?

Considering the antivirus we discuss is free, the value is fine. The software delivers basic protection using a reliable anti-malware engine. However, some other companies add more extra features to free bundles. In case you also need more, either upgrade or look for an alternative solution from a different provider

Bottom line

Total AV has a free edition. It’s basic, limited, but trustworthy. Independent testing labs studied the malware engine used in the software and concluded it detects and stops most of the software delivering excellent scores.