Best Way to Remove Error 1327 Invalid Drive

Error 1327 Invalid Drive may appear during the attempts to add programs. It’s not only irritating but very frustrating. If it happens, you need to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Only resolving the issue, you’ll be able to add new programs to your device. There are 4 main ways to fix the problem. Let’s take a quick look at each solution and find out more about Error 1327.

Types of Error 1327

There are several kinds of such an error based on which drive is invalid. For example, you may see Error 1327 invalid drive H (or U, or E, etc.).

Very often it’s connected to software like Autocad, Adobe, and Arcgis, Kaspersky.

Two reasons for the error message to appear

As a rule, the issue might occur when the feature of reconnecting at Logon check is activated in the system folder. Another possibility is that a user may have changed the drive letters by accident.

How to get rid of the problem?

There are four main ways to deal with such a problem. Let’s go over each one to find out about simple solutions.

  • Disconnect the drive letter.

Using the Search bar, find Command Prompt. Start it and type “subst /P (Driver Letter)” and press the Enter button. Now you may add the needed program without Error 1327.

Using this method, you connect & disconnect the drive letter to a virtual location. Such a trick secures the program installation without error messages.

  • Disconnect the network drive.

Try the following method only when a network drive is on the PC. It takes 5 simple steps. First of all, a user has to open File Explorer (you can reach it from the Search). Then you pick This PC and try the combination of ctrl and F1. The combination will open the tools. Find Map networking drive and choose to Disconnect. Now try installing the program again.

In case the situation is different, use the previous method.

  • Associate the drive letter with a temporary location.

Take into account that this solution works very much like the first one. The only difference is the virtual drive location. It means that the installer relocates the temporary path. Then it uses the path to add the program you wish.

N.B. In case there is no temporary path, a user will have to make it first.

Start the Command Prompt as an administrator, type “subst [Driver Letter]: C:temp” and press the Enter button. A user may now add any programs he wants. After that, go back to the Command Prompt and use another path: subst /D [Driver Letter] and press the Enter button.

  • Use a different user account.

In case the previously discussed methods don’t help or seem too complicated, you may pick this fourth method. Sign in another user account (if you’ve got it) or create one and check whether Error 1327 still occurs. It might be all you have to change to install new programs.