Best Data Room Providers with Uncompromising Privacy & Security

An increasing number of companies believe that introducing a virtual data room for secure data management is a priority task that needs to be solved in the short term. Thanks to this innovation, we can talk about a high-quality management structure. Here is more about the most secure data room providers.

How to keep privacy and security with the best data rooms?

As a rule, ensuring the proper level of information security in an organization is quite difficult, especially if employees store documents on their work computers and network storage with shared access, send them by e-mail and other communication channels, and take them out of the office on removable media. According to statistics, most information leaks occur due to the negligence or carelessness of users.

Practice shows that the main threats to information security are:

  • free access of a large number of users to electronic documents;
  • lack of a single and securely protected storage location;
  • uncontrolled copying and distribution of electronic documents.

Therefore, modern businesses implement well-protected cloud platforms like a virtual data room to set up a safe virtual workspace for collaboration with contractors and partners. Since the data room is a software package with several subsystems, it is possible to restrict access to each. In addition, electronic documents are stored not in a local database but on a secure remote server, and users receive only copies of them for work. Therefore, ensuring data security is a core data room function. 

So, among the best data room providers in the market that offer uncompromising privacy and security, there are:

  • iDeals
  • SecureDocs
  • Datasite
  • Citrix
  • Intralinks
  • Ansarada
  • Firmex
  • ShareFile.

These data room solutions are extremely useful in helping businesses comply with various rules, regulations, and security protocols. By automatically deleting old, irrelevant, or outdated documents, your software saves a secretary or administrative assistant the hassle of going through old paper documents. It’s also a good way to ensure that confidential documents – especially those containing sensitive client or client information – are not retained when they are no longer used.

What else besides security?

The digital data room is not only a method of saving all the important documents of the enterprise but also allows you to improve and automate its business processes. Today, most business operations are automated in a data room software that ensures real modernization of business processes. Therefore, the effect of the implementation of the data room can be observed in the following directions:

  • Efficiency

Document management means fast access to documents instead of cumbersome searches in filing cabinets. For example, an invoice workflow typically cuts the time spent on invoice verification by less than half.

  • Cost reduction

Filing folders take up a lot of space and cost money. Yet, even in medium-sized companies, paper archives are growing year after year at a double-digit rate, doubling in less than four years. Moreover, switching to an electronic data room application benefits you from increasingly cheaper digital storage.

  • Data security

With a data room system, you can control access to sensitive information and introduce reliable security structures for your documents. The growing official storage and documentation obligations can thus be met in medium-sized companies with reasonable effort.

  • Transparency

Lastly, you benefit from increased transparency, thanks to the data room. The central archiving of all documents enables you to provide important business information at the push of a button and structure and automate processes.